6th International Conference on Applied Informatics

26 to 28 October 2023
Universidad Ecotec
Guayaquil, Ecuador BLENDED


Time Thursday 26 October Friday 27 October Saturday 28 October
10:00-10:30 Conference Opening
Room: Aula Harvard
URL: Zoom Access code: 414180
10:30-11:30 Keynote: Simone Belli
Room: Aula Harvard
URL: Zoom Access code: 414180
Keynote: Hernan Astudillo
Room: Aula Harvard
URL: Zoom Access code: 315736
Touristic Activity
Location: Pending
11:30-13:30 Workshop AIESD
Room: Aula Harvard
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Workshops WAAI & WKMIT
Room: Aula Sorbona
URL: Zoom Access code: 202942

Workshops WITS & WSM
Room: Aula Oxford
URL: Zoom Access code: 202942
Data Analysis
Room: Aula Harvard
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Geoinformatics & Health Care Information Systems
Room: Aula Sorbona
URL: Zoom Access code: 853459
13:30-14:30 Lunch
14:30-16:30 Artificial Intelligence
Room: Aula Harvard
URL: Zoom Access code: 414180

Decision Systems
Room: Aula Sorbona
URL: Zoom Access code: 202942
Enterprise Information Systems Applications & Learning Management Systems
Room: Aula Harvard
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Interdisciplinary Information Studies & Virtual and Augmented Reality
Room: Aula Sorbona
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17:00-19:00 Cocktail and Cultural Activity
Room: Pending
Conference Closing
Room: Aula Harvard
URL: Zoom Access code: 315736


ICAI Sessions (Presentations of papers in CCIS) Keynotes
ICAI Workshops Sessions (Presentations of papers in CEUR-WS) Social Activities

Detailed Program

Time Thursday 26 October
10:00-10:30 Conference Opening
10:30-11:30 Keynote: Simone Belli. Emotions and Artificial Intelligence: Between game and reality
Session Chair: Ixent Galpin
11:30-13:30 Workshop AIESD
Session Chair: Marcelo Leon
  • Analysis Model for the Identification of Factors that Influence Students Academic Performance
    Camilo Sandoval, David Tabla, Hector Florez
  • Ecuadorian Companies’ Assets, Income, and Corporate Social Responsibility
    Arnaldo Vergara-Romero, Petr Sed’a, Rafael Sorhegui-Ortega, Lisette Garnica-Jarrin
  • Energy Poverty in ALADI Member Countries: a Study based on Multi-criteria Methods
    Anderson Argothy, Angela Arévalo, Laura E. Moreta, Fernando Herrera
  • E-waste and Circular Economy: An Approach to the Latin American Case
    Diana Morales-Urrutia
  • Regarding the Selection of a Trading Strategy in Efficient Markets
    Arnaldo Vergara-Romero, Petr Sed'a, César Pozo-Estupiñan, Lisette Garnica-Jarrin
  • SAS Classification in the creation of new companies in Ecuador
    Daniel Mosquera, Fabricio Echeverria, Marcelo León, Luis Torres-Barrera, Eladio Freire
Workshops WAAI & WKMIT
Session Chair: Maria F. Pollo-Cattaneo
  • Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education: A Bibliometric Analysis
    Huseyin Bicen, Razvan Bogdan, Sebastian I. Petruc
  • Depression and Anxiety Diagnosis Using Unsupervised Learning Approach
    Martín Di Felice, Ariel Deroche, Ilan Trupkin, Parag Chatterjee, María F. Pollo-Cattaneo
  • Development of a HIPAA-compliant synchronizer to Enable Automatic Reporting and Inter-institutional Collaboration in Healthcare Systems Worldwide
    Fernando Yepes-Calderon, J. Gordon McComb
  • Analysis of open data interoperability through catalogs in Latin America
    Roxana Martínez, Gastón Lacuesta, Ezequiel Ricciardi
  • ADescriptors for Technology Key Area in a Knowledge Management Maturity Model
    Luciano Straccia, María F. Pollo-Cattaneo
Workshops WITS & WSM
Session Chair: Hector Florez
  • Predictive Modelling of Traffic Accidents in Bogota, Colombia: Uncovering Key Contributing Factors
    Sebastián Castellanos, Alejandra Baena, Juan Camilo Ramírez
  • Leveraging a Model Transformation Chain for Semi-Automatic Source Code Generation on the Android Platform
    Daniel Sanchez
  • Management Framework of Software Development: a Systematic Review
    Marcos Espinoza-Mina, Alejandra Colina Vargas, Natalia Montero Ramos
  • Migration from Monolithic Applications to Microservices: A Systematic Literature Mapping on Approaches, Challenges, and Anti-patterns
    Fernando Muraca, María F. Pollo-Cattaneo
13:30-14:30 Lunch
14:30-16:30 Artificial Intelligence
Session Chair: Christian Grevisse
  • A Feature Selection Method Based on Rough Set Attribute Reduction and Classical Filter-based Feature Selection for Categorical Data Classification
    Oluwafemi Oriola, Eduan Kotzé, Ojonoka Atawodi
  • A semantic enhanced course recommender system via knowledge graphs for limited user information scenarios
    Juan Sanguino, Ruben Manrique, Olga Mariño
  • Enhancing Face Anti-Spoofing systems through synthetic image generation
    César Vega, Ruben Manrique
  • Identifying Public Tenders of Interest using Classification Models: A Comparative Analysis
    Yeersainth Figueroa-Gómez, Ixent Galpin
  • Mapping Brand Territories using ChatGPT
    Luisa Fernanda Rodriguez-Sarmiento, Ixent Galpin, Vladimir Sanchez-Riaño
  • Predictive Modeling for Detection of Depression Using Machine Learning
    Martín Di Felice, Ariel Deroche, Ilan Trupkin, Parag Chatterjee, María F. Pollo-Cattaneo
  • Stock Price Prediction: Impact of Volatility on Model Accuracy
    Juan Parada-Rodriguez, Ixent Galpin
Decision Systems
Session Chair: Hector Florez
  • CA Bio-Inspired-based Salp Swarm Algorithm Enabled with Deep Learning for Alzheimer’s Classification
    Joseph Bamidele Awotunde, Sunday Adeola Ajagbe, Hector Florez
  • A Scientometric Analysis of Virtual Tourism Technology Use in The Tourism Industry
    Sri Sulastri, Achmad Nurmandi, Aulia Nur Kasiwi
  • A tool to predict payment default in financial institutions
    Dulce Rivero, Laura Guerra, Willi Narvaez, Stalin Arciniegas
  • Ensuring Intrusion Detection for IoT Services through an Improved CNN
    Sunday Adeola Ajagbe, Joseph Bamidele Awotunde, Hector Florez
  • Prediction Value of a Real Estate in the city of Quito Post Pandemic
    Wladimir Vilca, Joe Carrion-Jumbo, Diego Riofrío-Luzcando, César Guevara
  • Simulation model to assess household water saving devices in Bogota city
    Andrés Chavarro, Mónica Castañeda, Sebastian Zapata, Isaac Dyner
  • Towards Reliable App Marketplaces: Machine Learning Based Detection of Fraudulent Reviews
    Angel Fiallos, Erika Anton
17:00-19:00 Cocktail and Cultural Activity
Time Friday 27 October
10:30-11:30 Keynote: Hernan Astudillo. Security smells for microservices
Session Chair: Hector Florez
11:30-13:30 Geoinformatics & Health Care Information Systems
Session Chair: Hector Florez
  • Prospects of UAVs in agricultural mapping
    Paulo Escandón-Panchana, Gricelda Herrera-Franco, Sandra Martínez Cuevas, Fernando Morante-Carballo
  • Comparative analysis of spatial and environmental data in informal settlements, from point clouds and RPAS images
    Carlos Alberto Diaz Riveros, Andrés Cuesta Veleño, Julieta Frediani, Rocio Rodriguez Tarducci, Daniela Cortizo
  • TP53 Genetic Testing and Personalized Nutrition Service
    Jitao Yang
  • Gross motor skills development in children with and without disabilities: a therapist’s support system based on deep learning and Adaboost classifiers
    Adolfo Jara-Gavilanes, Vladimir Robles-Bykbaev
  • Lung Cancer Detection: a classification approach utilizing oversampling and Support Vector Machines
    Adolfo Jara-Gavilanes, Vladimir Robles-Bykbaev
  • Classification of Brain Tumors: A Comparative Approach of Shallow and Deep Neural Networks
    Sebastián Felipe Álvarez Montoya, Alix E. Rojas, Luis Fernando Niño Vásquez
Enterprise Information Systems Applications & Learning Management Systems
Session Chair: Christian Grevisse
  • Challenges to use Role Playing in Software Engineering Education: A Rapid Review
    Mauricio Hidalgo, Hernán Astudillo, Laura M. Castro
  • Effects of Facial Biometric System at Universidad Técnica del Norte, Ecuador: An Analysis Using the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM)
    Garrido Fernando, Reascos Irving, Alvarez Francisco, Lanchimba Alex
  • Team productivity factors in Agile Software Development: an exploratory survey with practitioners
    Marcela Guerrero-Calvache, Giovanni Hernández
  • The Internet of Things as a technological tool and its application in the management and control of data for Agriculture 4.0
    Mauricio Alfredo Zafra-Aycardi, Dewar Rico-Bautista, Diego Armando Mejía-Bugallo, Jorge Antonio Sequeda-Serrano
  • Work-Life Interference on Employee Well-Being and Productivity. A Proof-of-Concept for rapid and continuous population analysis using Evalu@
    Fernando Yepes-Calderon, Paulo Andrés Vélez Ángel
  • Comparative Quality Analysis of GPT-based Multiple Choice Question Generation
    Christian Grévisse
13:00-14:30 Lunch
14:30-16:30 Data Analysis
Session Chair: María F. Pollo-Cattaneo
  • Automated diagnosis of prostate cancer using Artificial Intelligence. A systematic literature review
    Salvador Soto, Maria F. Pollo-Cattaneo, Fernando Yepes-Calderon
  • Bullish Price Patterns in the NASDAQ-100 Stock Index Evaluated through Genetic Algorithm
    Franklin Gallegos-Erazo, Jean Anastacio-Aquino, Rene Calero-Córdova
  • From Naive Interest to Shortage during COVID-19: A Google Trends and News Analysis
    Alix E. Rojas, Lilia Carolina Rojas-Pérez, Camilo Mejia-Moncayo
  • Joint Exploration of Kernel Functions Potential for Data Representation and Classification: A First Step Toward Interactive Interpretable Dimensionality Reduction
    Yahya Aalaila, Ismail Bachchar, Hind Raki, Sami Bamansour, Mouad Elhamdi, Kaoutar Benghzial, MacArthur Ortega-Bustamante, Lorena Guachi-Guachi, Diego H. Peluffo-Ordóñez
  • Measuring the Impact of Digital Government Service: A Scientometric Analysis for 2023
    Narendra Nafi Gumilang, Achmad Nurmandi, Muhammad Younus, Aulia Nur Kasiwi
  • Using polarization and alignment to identify quick-approval law propositions: An open linked data application
    Francisco Cifuentes-Silva, José Emilio Labra Gayo, Hernán Astudillo, Felipe Rivera-Polo
  • Utilizing Chatbots as Predictive Tools for Anxiety and Depression: A Bibliometric Review
    María de Lourdes Díaz Carrillo, Manuel Osmany Ramírez Pírez, Gustavo Adolfo Lemos Chang
Interdisciplinary Information Studies & Virtual and Augmented Reality
Session Chair: Simone Belli
  • Machine Masquerades a Poet: Using Unsupervised T5 Transformer for Semantic Style Transformation in Poetry Generation
    Agnij Moitra
  • Context and characteristics of software related to Ecuadorian scientific production: A bibliometric and content analysis study
    Marcos Espinoza-Mina, Alejandra Colina Vargas, Javier Berrezueta Varas
  • Exploring the Potential of Genetic Algorithms for Optimizing Academic Schedules at the School of Mechatronic Engineering: Preliminary Results
    Johan Alarcón, Samantha Buitrón, Alexis Carrillo, Mateo Chuquimarca, Alexis Ortiz, Robinson Guachi, D. H. Peluffo-Ordóñez, Lorena Guachi-Guachi
  • Changes in the adaptive capacity of livelihood vulnerability to climate change in Ecuador's Tropical Commodity Crops: Banana and Cocoa
    Elena Piedra-Bonilla, Yosuny Echeverría
  • Under the spotlight! Facial Recognition Applications in Prison Security: Bayesian Modeling and ISO27001 Standard Implementation
    Diego Donoso, Gino Cornejo, Carlos Calahorrano, Santiago Donoso, Erika Escobar
  • Design and validation of a Virtual Reality scenery for learning radioactivity: HalDron Project.
    Silvio Perez, Diana Olmedo, Fancois Baquero, Veronica Martinez-Gallego, Juan Lobos
17:00-19:00 Conference Closing

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