Third International Conference on Applied Informatics

29 to 31 October 2020
Covenant University, Ota, Nigeria ONLINE


Time Thursday 29 October Friday 30 October Saturday 31 October
9:00-9:30 Keynote: Juanlu J. Laredo
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9:30-10:00 Conference Opening
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10:00-11:00 Keynote: Rajkumar Buyya
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Keynote: Vincenzo Piuri
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Conference Closing
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11:00-13:00 ICAI Artificial Intelligence Session
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ICAI Data Analysis & Decision Systems Sessions
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13:00-14:00 Lunch
14:00-16:00 ICAI Artificial Intelligence & Image Processing & Simulation and Emulation Sessions
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ICAI Data Analysis & Software Design Engineering Sessions
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16:00-18:00 ICAI Business Process Management & Cloud Computing & Health Care Information Systems & Human-Computer Interaction & Learning Management Systems Sessions
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Workshops WAAI & WDEA & WSSC
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Workshops AIESD
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ICAI Sessions (Presentations of papers in CCIS) Keynotes
ICAI Workshops Sessions (Presentations of papers in CEUR-WS) Social Activities

Detailed Program

Time Thursday 29 October
9:30-10:00 Conference Opening
10:00-11:00 Keynote: Rajkumar Buyya. New Frontiers in Cloud and Edge Computing for Big Data & Internet-of-Things Applications
Session Chair: Sanjay Misra
11:00-13:00 ICAI Artificial Intelligence Session
Session Chair: Fernando Yepes-Calderon
  • A machine learning model to detect fake voice
    Yohanna Rodríguez-Ortega, Dora María Ballesteros, Diego Renza
  • A Q-Learning Hyperheuristic Binarization Framework to balance Exploration and Exploitation
    Diego Tapia, Broderick Crawford, Ricardo Soto, Felipe Cisternas, José Lemus, Mauricio Castillo, José García, Wenceslao Palma, Fernando Paredes, Sanjay Misra
  • Artificial Neural Network Model for Steel Strip Tandem Cold Mill Power Prediction
    Danilo G. de Oliveira, Eliton M. da Silva, Fabiano J. F. Miranda, José F. S. Filho, Rafael S. Parpinelli
  • Fairly ranking the neediest in worldwide social systems. An artificial intelligence approach born in cov2 pandemic outbreak
    Alvin Gregory, Eduardo Yepes Calderon, Fernando Jimenez, J. Gordon McComb, Fernando Yepes-Calderon
  • Intelligent Digital Tutor to Assemble Puzzles based on Artificial Intelligence Techniques
    Sara M. Cachique, Edgar S. Correa, C. H. Rodriguez-Garavito
  • Machine Learning Methodologies against Money Laundering in Non-Banking Correspondents
    Jorge Guevara, Olmer Garcia-Bedoya, Oscar Granados
  • Predicting polypharmacy side effects based on an enhanced domain knowledge graph
    Ruiyi Wang, Tong Li, Zhen Yang, Haiyang Yu
13:00-14:00 Lunch
14:00-16:00 ICAI Artificial Intelligence & Image Processing & Simulation and Emulation Sessions
Session Chair: Hector Florez
  • Prostate Cancer Diagnosis Automation Using Supervised Artificial Intelligence. A Systematic Literature Review
    Camilo Espinosa, Manuel Garcia, Fernando Yepes-Calderon, J. Gordon McComb, Hector Florez
  • The Bio-I capsule. Preventing contagion of aerial pathogens with real-time reporting in Evalu@
    Fernando Yepes-Calderon, Andres Felipe Giraldo Quiceno, Jose Fabian Carmona Orozco, J. Gordon McComb,
  • Comparison of Gabor Filters and LBP descriptors applied to spoofing attack detection in facial images
    Wendy Valderrama, Andrea Magadán, Raúl Pinto, José Ruiz,
  • Deep Transfer Learning Model for Automated Screening of Cervical Cancer Cells using Multi-Cell Images
    Vinay Khobragade, Naunika Jain, Dilip Singh Sisodia,
  • Tissue differentiation based on classification of morphometric features of nuclei
    Dominika Dudzińska, Adam Piórkowski
  • Early Breast Cancer Detection by Using a Sensor-Antenna
    H. F. Guarnizo-Mendez, N. P. Rodríguez Rincón, P. P Plata Rodríguez, M. A. Poloche Arango, D. F Márquez Romero
  • Temperature sensing in Hyperthermia Study in Breast Cancer Treatment using optical fiber Bragg gratings
    Andrés Triana, C. Camilo Cano, Hector F. Guarnizo-Mendez, Mauricio A. Poloche
16:00-18:00 ICAI Business Process Management & Cloud Computing & Health Care Information Systems & Human-Computer Interaction & Learning Management Systems Sessions
Session Chair: Christian Grevisse
  • A Grammatical Model for the Specification of Administrative Workflow using Scenario as Modelling Unit
    Milliam Maxime Zekeng Ndadji, Maurice Tchoupe Tchendji, Clémentin Tayou Djamegni
  • A Linux Scheduler to Limit the Slowdown Generated by Volunteer Computing Systems
    Jaime Chavarriaga, Antonio de-la-Vega, Eduardo Rosales, Harold Castro
  • Reliability analysis in Desktop Cloud systems
    Carlos E. Gómez, Jaime Chavarriaga, Harold E. Castro
  • A Framework for BYOD Continuous Authentication: Case Study with Soft-Keyboard Metrics for Healthcare Environment
    Luis de-Marcos, Carlos Cilleruelo, Javier Junquera, José-Javier Martínez-Herráiz
  • Diabetes Link: Platform for Self-Control and Monitoring People with Diabetes
    Enzo Rucci, Lisandro Delía, Joaquín Pujol, Paula Erbino, Armando De Giusti, Juan José Gagliardino
  • Design and Prototyping of a Wearable Kinesthetic Haptic Feedback System to Support Mid-Air Interactions in Virtual Environments
    Ekati Ekaterini Maria Sagia, Modestos Stavrakis
  • Peer Validation and Generation Tool for Question Banks in Learning Management Systems
    Andres Sanchez-Martin, Luis Barreto, Johana Martinez, Nikolay Reyes-Jalizev, Carolina Astudillo, Santiago Escobar, Osberth De Castro
Time Friday 30 October
9:00-10:00 Keynote: Juanlu J. Laredo. A gentle introduction to computational neuroscience
Session Chair: Christian Grevisse
10:00-11:00 Keynote: Vincenzo Piuri. Artificial Intelligence in Cloud Computing and Internet-of-Things
Session Chair: Sanjay Misra
11:00-13:00 ICAI Data Analysis & Decision Systems Sessions
Session Chair: Olmer Garcia
  • A Case-Based Approach to Assess Employees’ Satisfaction in Times of the Pandemic
    Ana Fernandes, Margarida Figueiredo, Almeida Dias, Jorge Ribeiro, José Neves, Henrique Vicente
  • A Data-Driven approach for automatic classification of extreme precipitation events: Preliminary results
    J. González-Vergara, D. Escobar-González, D. Chaglla-Aguagallo, D. H. Peluffo-Ordóñez,
  • A data-driven method for measuring the negative impact of sentiment towards China in the context of COVID-19
    Laura M. Muñoz, Maria Fernanda Ramirez, Jorge E. Camargo
  • A Virtual Wallet Product Recommender System based on Collaborative Filtering
    David Rodolfo Prieto-Torres, Ixent Galpin
  • A Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithms Approach to Optimize a Task Scheduling Problem
    Nicolás Cobos, Ixtli Barbosa, Germán A. Montoya, Carlos Lozano-Garzon
  • Diabetes Classification Techniques: A Brief State-of-the-Art Literature Review
    Jeffrey O. Agushaka, Absalom E. Ezugwu
  • Learning from students' perception on professors through opinion mining
    Vladimir Vargas-Calderón, Juan S. Flórez, Leonel F. Ardila, Nicolas Parra-A, Jorge E. Camargo, Nelson Vargas
13:00-14:00 Lunch
14:00-16:00 ICAI Data Analysis & Software Design Engineering Sessions
Session Chair: Ixent Galpin
  • Evaluating Models for a Higher Education Course Recommender System using State Exam Results
    Jenny Mayerly Díaz-Díaz, Ixent Galpin
  • Future scenarios of water security: a case of Bogotá river basin, Colombia
    Andres Chavarro, Monica Castaneda, Sebastian Zapata, Isaac Dyner
  • Inverse Data Visualization Framework (IDVF): Towards a prior-knowledge-driven data visualization
    M. Vélez-Falconi, J. González-Vergara, D. H. Peluffo-Ordóñez
  • The Application of DBSCAN Algorithm to Improve Variogram Estimation and Interpretation in Irregularly-sampled Fields
    O. O. Mosobalaje, O. D. Orodu, D. Ogbe African
  • Numerical Model-Software for Predicting Rock Formation Failure-Time using Fracture Mechanics
    Emmanuel E. Okoro, Samuel E. Sanni, Amarachukwu A. Ibe, Paul Igbinedion, Babalola Oni
  • Validation of Software Requirements Specifications by Students
    Alberto Sampaio, Isabel Braga Sampaio
16:00-18:00 Workshops WAAI & WDEA & WSSC
Workshop Chair: Florencia Pollo-Cattaneo
  • Comparative Study of Distance Measures for Non-Supervised Methods Fuzzy C-means & K-means Applied in Image Segmentation
    Martin Velez, Josue Marin, Selena Jimenez, Lorena Guachi
  • Edge solution with machine learning and open data to interpret signs for people with visual disability
    Fabian Velosa, Hector Florez
  • Demand forecasting for inventory management using limited data sets. Case study on the Oil industry
    Jorge Ivan Romero Gelvez, Esteban Felipe Villamizar, Olmer Garcia-Bedoya, Jorge Herrera
  • Forecasting Credit Card Attrition using Machine Learning Models
    Carlos Alvaro Rico-Poveda, Ixent Galpin
  • Precision Agriculture Technology evaluation using combined AHP and GRA for data acquisition in Apiculture
    Jorge Ivan Romero Gelvez, Sandra Viviana Beltrán-Fernández, Andres Julian Aristizabal Cardona, Sebastian Zapata Ramirez, Monica Castañeda Riascos
  • Time Series Models for Colombian TRM
    Luis Giraldo-Alvarado, Javier Riascos-Ochoa
  • A Quality Evaluation of Wastewater in Quito's Metropolitan Area for Environmental Sustainability
    Marcelo León, Raquel Ibarra, Maria de La O Barroso González
  • Towards the Construction of a Smart City Model in Bogota
    María Clara Sánchez Vanegas, Álvaro Gutiérrez Rodríguez, José David López García, Manuel Dávila Sguerra, Laura González, Luis Cobo, César Díaz
Workshops AIESD
Workshop Chair: Marcelo Leon
  • A Scrum Implementation Plan by Phases and Oriented in the Team Members Case Study
    Olga Calderón-Martínez, Alix E. Rojas, Camilo Mejía-Moncayo
  • An immersive experience in the virtual 3D VirBELA environment for leadership development in students of technological programs in business administration During Covid19 quarantine in Colombia
    Carlos Eduardo Mora-Beltrán, Alix E. Rojas, Camilo Mejía-Moncayo
  • Analysis of the Conservation Model of Territorial Forest and Vegetation Protection in Azuay - Ecuador
    Marcelo Leon, Maribel Alomoto, Maria de La O Barroso Gonzalez
  • Drilling and completion material management improvement by stochastic modeling
    Carlos Felipe Acevedo-Gutierrez, Gabriel Villalobos-Camargo, Jorge Ivan Romero Gelvez
  • How to Measure the Performance of a Smart City
    Teresa Guarda, Isabel Lopes, Maria Isabel Ribeiro, Pedro Oliveira, António José Fernandes
  • The impact of virtual platforms in the field of the knowledge and information society as a learning resource
    Erika Lucía Gonzalez Carrión, María Lorena Muñoz Vallejo, Johnny Héctor Sánchez Landín
  • The Mataquí, Pimampiro River Micro Watershed Management Experience and Its Problems Towards Sustainability
    Concepción Espinosa-Manosalvas, Fausto Calderon-Pineda, René Faruk Garzozi Pincay, Roxana Álvarez-Acosta, Yamel Sofia Garzozi Pincay

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