1st International Conference on Applied Informatics

1st to 3rd November 2018

Keynote Speakers for ICAI 2018

Sanjay Misra

Sanjay Misra is Full Professor of Computing Engineering since January 2010 at Coventant University, Nigeria. He has 25 years of wide experience in academic administration and researches in various universities in Asia, Europe, and Africa. He is the most productive researcher (SciVal Scopus analysis) in Nigeria, having more than 165 publications during 2012-2017, but a total around 300 in the area of Software Engineering. Most of those publications are in WOS-70 in JCR/SCIE Journals. In addition, He got several awards for outstanding publications (e.g., 2014 IET Software Premium Award in UK, TUBITAK-Turkish Higher Education, and Atilim University). He has delivered more than 80 keynotes/invited talks in several international conferences and institutes (travelled more than 50 countries). He is EIC of Advances in IT Personnel and Project Management IGI Global, IJPS, and Covenant Journal of ICT. He is founder chair of 3 annual international symposiums/workshops in Software Engineering (SEPA, ISSQ, and TTSDP). His current researches cover the areas of (but not limited to): Software quality assurance, project management, health informatics, AI, intelligent systems, cognitive informatics and web engineering. Sanjay holds a Ph.D. in Software Engineering, a Ph.D. in Applied Physics, and a M.Sc. in Solid State Electronics.

Keynote: Improving Quality of Research Publications in ICT Researches in Developing Countries

Abstract: The number of articles in ICT related high impact journals (in Journal Citation Report (JCR by Thomson Reuters)) are limited from the authors of developing countries. This work presents some interesting results by considering a case study of a developing country and analyses the reasons for this backdrop. Finally, we discuss how to improve the quality of the research publication in existing environment and available resources.


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